Dean Turpin — Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineer with {YEARS} years of commercial experience. Motivated self-learner; advocate of modern C++, Linux, knowledge sharing and Agile.

  • Languages: C++20, STL, Bash, Python, OOP, Functional
  • Build: QtCreator, Visual Studio, GNU Make, CMake, Ninja, clang-format
  • Dev: Agile, Jira, Slack, security clearance
  • CI: GitLab, Jenkins, unit testing
  • Config control: Git, Gerrit, Subversion
  • Networking: TCP/UDP, OSI, Wireshark, tcpdump
  • Platforms: Linux, ARM, Windows 11
  • Cloud: Google Cloud, Cloudflare
  • Graphics: Qt, JUCE, MFC
  • Design: Data structures, algorithms, multithreading
  • Documentation: Doxygen, Mermaid, Hugo, GitBook, Confluence
  • Protocols: XMPP, SIP, gSOAP, PCM

C++ experience and side-projects

Commercially I develop using C++14/17, so I maintain various side-projects on GitLab to explore C++20/23 features that can't be used at work. These projects cover topics such as audio processing, trading strategy back-testing and Companies House analysis.

I'm an advocate of ad-hoc scripting for rapid development of ideas, and I believe a solid foundation in a ubiquitous language such as Bash is essential in CI and cloud computing. I also have an interest in a more functional approach to programming offered by template metaprogramming and languages such as Haskell.


C++ git Linux Compiler Issues Misc
Day job C++14 GitLab on prem Ubuntu 20 GitLab issues, proprietary gcc 9 Qt, SIP, XMPP, ninja, clang-format, Wirehshark, python 3.8.10, bash, DBeaver, vi
By night C++2b (Ultimate trial) Ubuntu 22 gcc 11, clang 14 Google Cloud, Windows 11, Companies House API, Blender 3.1.2

Skills timeline

Influential technology

  • 2022: SIP, GitBook, Compiler Explorer (on prem with custom libs), GitLab (on prem), LLVM Sanitizer
  • 2021: std::format, TMP, C++20 ranges and views (lazy evaluation)
  • 2020: Blender, Media servers, GPUs, ZeroMQ, Tracy profiler, Raspberry Pi
  • 2019: Cloud computing, R/notebooks, GitLab, Hugo
  • 2018: Docker
  • 2017: Cryptocurrency, blockchain
  • 2016: C++1z
  • 2015: git, GitHub

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  • Quote of the day "How many managers does it take to change a software engineer?"

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