C++ experience and side-projects

Commercially I develop using C++14/17, so I maintain various side-projects on GitLab to explore C++20/23 features that can't be used at work. These projects cover topics such as audio processing, trading strategy back-testing and Companies House analysis.

I'm an advocate of ad-hoc scripting for rapid development of ideas, and I believe a solid foundation in a ubiquitous language such as Bash is essential in CI and cloud computing. I also have an interest in a more functional approach to programming offered by template metaprogramming and languages such as Haskell.

Project Repo Tech stack Website
Online logbook (this website!) GitLab GitBook, Markdown, bash https://turpin.one
XY: a text-based command-line plotter GitLab C++2b https://xy.germs.dev
Companies House Plotter: creating diagrams of company associations via the Companies House GitLab Python, Graphviz https://bank.germs.dev/
UK COVID-19 reports GitLab Python https://covid.germs.dev/
Curated list of quotations GitLab bash https://quotations.germs.dev
Exploring new C++ features GitLab C++ N/A
Exploring new C++ features 2! GitLab C++ N/A
Architectural Blender renders GitLab Blender, bash https://deanturpin.gitlab.io/renderghost
Tone (WAV) generator GitLab C++ N/A
Analogue watch timing analysis GitLab Python N/A
Skills timeline generator GitLab R, make https://deanturpin.gitlab.io/skills/
tracehost: network plotter GitLab bash, Graphviz https://ping.germs.dev
Static website generator (markdown tutorial example) GitLab markdown, CSS, bash https://markdown.germs.dev

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