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Make Description Repair
Omega (1965 - 22M serial) Ref 161.009 cal 552, crown very worn, after-market gold-plated bracelet, crown/stem not engaging Service, consider replacing leather strap
Omega (1970 - 30M serial) 131.019 (SP?) cal 601, worn crown, low amplitude, 43-hour power reserver, case back is a mess! Replace (polish?) case back, service, replace crown
Omega (1972) 136.0049 cal 613, case only Crystal needs replacing, find a movement
HMT Rajat Hindi/English day/date, keeps good time, very small movement Can't move date

For sale

Make/model Description Repair
Accurist Shockmaster Hand winder G10, keeps great time, 34-hour power reserve Polywatch crystal, buff case, add colour-matched gold-coloured bracelet
Citizen 8200A English/Japanese daydate, very crisp date change, keeps good time Remove glue around case, clean and verify, regulate, -30s
Citizen 8200A English/Arabic daydate, very clean crystal and dial, date a little stiff Regulate


Make/model Description Repair Price
Seiko 6309 English/French day-date, classic 4 o'clock crown, 19mm bracelet, excellent crystal, case polished Dial needs attention, polish bracelet, 2 mins fast, date a little sticky... in fact it doesn't change! Sold as spares and repairs £10
Citizen 8200A Arabic numbers on the dial, English/Arabic day-date, 4 o'clock crown, spares and repairs Runs very fast, diffcult to spin date, day 31 is hand-drawn! £10
Casio A100WEG-9AEF Reissue of Vintage Casio Polish £31
Seiko 6309 English/Hindi day-date, Keeps good time, very clean crystal/dial Verify working, clean, add new leather strap £45
Ingersoll Pocket watch, slow beat (sounds like a tractor) Clean and verify £15
Casio A100WE-1AEF Reissue of Vintage Casio Polish £30

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