C++ experience and side-projects

Commercially I develop using C++17, therefore I maintain various side-projects on GitLab to explore new C++ features. These projects include audio processing, trading strategy back-testing and Companies House analysis.

I'm an advocate of ad-hoc scripting for rapid development of ideas, and I believe a solid foundation in a ubiquitous language such as Bash is essential in CI and cloud computing. I also have an interest in a more functional approach to programming offered by template metaprogramming and languages such as Haskell.

Example projects

  • Discrete Fourier Transforms in C++23: dft.germs.dev
  • C++ best practice: turpin.dev
  • FIX processing: fix.germs.dev
  • Command line assembly explorer: explore.germs.dev
  • Online logbook: turpin.one

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