Watch repairs

What's in the workshop at the moment?!

Molnija 3602 marriage watch 16''' (gold case)

Standard pocket watch conversion.

  • [ ] Service donor 3602
  • [ ] Trial cream dial and black hands

1975 Nina AS 2066 11.5'''

Low amplitude, needs a service. See Ranfft.

  • [ ] Clean dial
  • [ ] Ultrasonic case
  • [ ] Service

Cauny small dress watch with sub-seconds

Non-runner, balance OK, stem very difficult to remove, rolled gold bracelet, broken mainspring, movement FHF 63.

  • [x] Remove from case -- pop the front
  • [x] Clean dial -- didn't make much difference
  • [x] Check if it runs by turning barrel
  • [x] Order donor movement
  • [ ] Replace mainspring (swap from donor)
  • [ ] Service

Omega 131.019 (steel)

22M serial (1965), cal 601 non-runner, arrived in a case for an automatic, has some homemade case clamps.

  • [x] Buy correct NOS case for movement
  • [x] New mainspring
  • [x] Order new 30.8mm crystal
  • [x] Fit new crystal
  • [x] Ultrasonic clean of keyless works
  • [x] Trial fit brand new seconds hand (could be too shiny compared to old hands) -- looks fine
  • [x] Stem doesn't engage properly, decase and investigate -- it's the wrong crown for the case!
  • [x] Try correct stem/crown -- winding very stiff, hmmm
  • [ ] Trial with correct stem outside of the case -- does it just need a spot of grease?
  • [ ] Order new case clamps
  • [ ] Order new stem and crown (from Cousins)
  • [ ] Try oiling the jewels, only achieving approx. 170° amplitude


Citizen 2800A

Time drifts, quite erratic 180° amplitude.

  • [ ] Review keyless works
  • [ ] Service
  • [ ] Replace main spring (gets very low amplitude on a low wind)
  • [ ] Bezel has a gap
  • [ ] Grease gasket

Longines 12.92 12'''

Hands a little fragile, no case, 27.8mm movement, 26mm dial. I found a 16-jewel version with a wobbly balance to use as a donor, so basically I'll make one good one out of the two. Might've been easier to just to stick the good balance in the 16-jewel, but it seems both balances are a little wobbly. Will service and try again.

See Longines serial numbers.

Probably should be in a gold case. But on the lookout for any usable pin-set case.


Serial 4929243 (1930).

  • [x] Clean dial
  • [x] Remove broken stem
  • [x] Fit missing ratchet wheel -- took wheel and barrel (with mainspring) from the other one
  • [ ] Service
  • [ ] Refit good balance


Serial 5107778 (1932), broken balance but otherwise movement is OK. Slightly later but has the hour wheel jewel.

  • [x] Clean dial -- not very effective
  • [ ] Find new case

1916 Borgel trench watch 13'''

Marvin 362, 29.5mm; bezel ⌀ 30.2mm. Bezel measured thrice: 30.17, 30.21, 30.24. So I went for a 30.4mm crystal and it was a success.

  • [x] Order 30.4mm crystal
  • [x] Polish silver
  • [x] Replace crystal
  • [x] Order donor movement for practice/spares
  • [ ] Rachet wheel is missing a tooth, still works but might replace from donor for completeness
  • [x] Pusher has come loose during cleaning -- fits in OK anyway
  • [ ] Service
  • [ ] Repair original strap -- see leather conditioner

Fortis FHF ST-96 11.5'''

  • [ ] Order new crystal -- opening measures 30.96mm
  • [ ] Review missing case screws
  • [ ] Measure timing

Molnija 3602/3 marriage watch 16'''

So I've ended up with quite of few of these now! The latest is a 3603 with anitshock.

I started out just trying to fix a pocket watch using another as a donor, but I managed to break both balances so I bought a third one to build the marriage watch. The others I'll sell or use as spares.

Serial 587360

3603, balance is trying to start after a toot from the blower, looks like it wobbles but no obvious side shake (so pivots probably intact); keyless works/stem aren't engaging.

  • [ ] Inspect keyless works
  • [ ] Service

Serial 445602

Trying to start, sounds very unbalanced (triplets) but actually looks OK. Pallet fork could be gummed up.

  • [ ] Service

Serial 998652

Awesome forest scene case, broken fourth wheel.

  • [x] Measure bezel: 42.6mm
  • [x] Replace fourth wheel
  • [x] Fit ratchet wheel screw
  • [x] Order new 42.8mm crystal (next largest I could find)
  • [ ] Fit new crystal -- crystal press not large enough!
  • [ ] Fit working balance
  • [ ] New hands
  • [ ] New dial

Serial 594243

Broken balance, good hands, case much newer but not as nice as the wolf one, full hunter, pallet bridge has crazy big screws in it, ran overnight after swapping in a good balance (but only in dial down position).

  • [x] Reseat click
  • [ ] Find correct pallet fork bridge screws

Serial 595600

Marriage watch with case from eBay, regular wear even though it needs a bit of work still.

  • [x] Order NOS watch case
  • [x] Fit movement
  • [x] Fit silver hands -- seconds hand too tight, refitted original black
  • [ ] Trim stem
  • [ ] Fit correct silver seconds hand


Restored watches

Omega 161.009

Really nice dress watch, if a little small. Serial 22190717 (1965), cal 552, crown very worn, can just see the Omega logo, stem not engaging, rotor a little worn.

  • [x] Service (external)
  • [x] New leather strap

Omega 131.019 gold-plated

30463681 (1970), cal 601, worn crown, 43-hour power reserve, crystal is loose, case back is a mess, very strong running so might not do a full service.

Wearing this despite the sticky keyless works.

  • [x] Replace case back
  • [x] Trial refitting old crystal -- cracked it
  • [x] Order new crystal: ⌀ 30.8mm, 3.5mm height
  • [x] Fit new crystal
  • [ ] Measure amplitude
  • [ ] Partial service of keyless works

Raketa 2609.HA 11.5''' (sold)

Solid Soviet-era watch, 38mm, just needs a little love. See Ranfft.

  • [x] Estimate amplitude (slomo video) -- approx 200°
  • [x] Potential loose dial (rattles when you tap it but case screws are tight) -- was missing a dial screw
  • [x] Clean dial
  • [x] Put case in ultrasonic
  • [x] Polywatch crystal

Raketa 2609.HA (sold)

From 1975, in good condition and running well. Measured 47h power reserve (nominally 45h) -- see Ranftt. Dial brightened up with a little with water and cottonbud, also removed some of the gunk on the chapter ring.

  • [x] Check power reserve
  • [x] Clean dial
  • [ ] Ultrasonic clean
  • [ ] Lubricate

Timex (sold)

Keeps great time, 40-hour power reserve, 180° amplitude

  • [ ] Attempt to bend bend hour hand back
  • [x] Minor service -- oiled the pivots

Rone 34mm FHF ST-96 11.5''' (donated)

I think this might be my rite of passage.

Bought for 25 bucks four months ago, and it just had a slippy mainspring. So, I attempted a service and immediately the cannon pinion evaporated. Ordered a donor and broke two escape wheel pinions on the rebuild. OK, ordered a second doner. When that arrived I serviced the keyless works and sent the yoke spring into orbit. No worries, I have another... also sent that one to the Moon. But wait... I found the first on my pants! Right, on the home stretch, located the case and movement spacer from months previous and it's back together, looking exactly like it did when I bought it! But I have grow as a human being.

Accurist Shockmaster (sold)

Hand winder G10, keeps great time, 34-hour power reserve.

  • [x] Buff case
  • [x] Add crocodile leather strap

Mr. Jones "The Accurate"

An actual quartz repair!

£145 RRP -- see website -- which is quite surprising given I bought a whole new movement with battery for £9.

  • [x] Replace battery -- still not running
  • [x] Ordered new Ronda 513
  • [x] Replace coil, hands very difficult to remove

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